Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Service

At Sub-Zero Wolf Repair Only, we understand that in virtually every modern home in the world, there is a refrigerator. Refrigerators help to keep our food cold, and this has lengthened the shelf life of food far extending our flexibility in when we cook and eat food. We can therefore argue that refrigerators have changed the way society functions since we no longer have to go looking for food every day; we simply get enough, cook it and make it last for as long as possible while fresh.

Identifying Sub-Zero Refrigerator Fault

Keeping food fresh is not an easy thing. And that’s why refrigeration is a complex process. To enable you identify whether your refrigerator is still functional the following features must still be in place:
  • It can keep food fresh and cold
  • The thermostat functions as it should
  • There is no water leakage
  • Ice does not accumulate beyond the freezer
  • The inside does not get warm
Of course there are many other indicators of a faulty refrigerator, but these are the most common ones. Since most refrigerators use a refrigerant, it is important that there is no leakage of the refrigerant as this will definitely lead to poor performance. At Sub-Zero Wolf Repair Only, you can be rest assured that our technicians can easily identify all the indicators of faulty refrigerators based on each particular brand and will adequately respond with an immediate solution.

Sub-Zero Refrigerants

Refrigeration works through coolants, which run around the different compartments of the refrigerator in tubes. The most common refrigerant uses is HFC-134a (1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane), which is universally a much safer alternative to other more dangerous fluorocarbons. However, the downside in using coolants is that they can run out, resulting in poor performance. Of course, the coolant can be bought in the form of a compressed liquid, and this is something we are very conversant with.

Why Our Sub-Zero Technicians

At Sub-Zero Wolf Repair Only, we not only understand how coolants work, but also recognize that there are many avenues in which the refrigerant may not work. Some climatic conditions may affect refrigerants and that’s why some repair technicians may not be able to understand why your refrigerator is not working as it was in another location. Coolants work by going in tubes throughout the fridge and this significantly cools the warm air with cold air. The external pressure and temperature affects how coolants work and a good repair technician will advise you on your refrigerator location, whereas others won’t identify this link.

Overall, Sub-Zero Wolf Repair Only is your best bet when it comes to taking care of your refrigerator. With each new technology in refrigeration, our technicians are the first to attend a refresher course to fully understand new brands, their spare parts and how to repair them.

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